Our latest home purchase is life (and sleep) changing!

Scandinavian style livingroom with fabric sofa, pillows, plaid, lamp and green plant in vase on white wall background. 3d rendering.

Since moving to a fully carpeted flat, Cruz and I started waking up everyday with stuffy noses and watery eyes. Stale air inside the home is one of the biggest culprits of allergies. And it’s no wonder it’s so difficult to get a restful night’s sleep with all the trapped airborne chemicals, gases, odour, bacteria and particles we breathe in while asleep. I figured since it was getting cold and harder to open up our windows to let (relatively) fresh air in, it was time to buy an air purifier. Buying one has changed our lives! I’ve been having the best sleep in years. It honestly feels like breathing air from the top of a mountain! It’s crazy how one small adjustment can drastically change our lives!

What’s the best thing you’ve bought for your home recently?

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