Sinta and her first Toucan Box

Nazkids Try Toucan Box: A crafting and creativity subscription box


Sinta and her first Toucan Box

Sinta loves arts and crafts. I don’t. I can cut straight lines with my scissors, and draw decent stick figures. That's pretty much the extent of my skills in the arts and crafts department. I was never the type of person who liked making things with my hands. If I could do it on a computer (Photoshop anyone?), I would much rather print something out than bust out my crayons. I used to Google free arts and crafts projects for Sinta and bought the materials, but we ended up with a cupboard filled with craft stuff we used once. Going on a last minute run to Ryman / National Bookstore for a pack of popsicle 50 sticks only to use four pieces is not my idea of a fun Saturday morning.

And with how pricey after-school clubs are in this city, I figured the next best thing would be to subscribe to an arts and crafts box that provided all the materials and instructions we need for a project. 

Sinta and her first Toucan Box

Enter Toucan Box, a subscription service that delivers arts and crafts projects in a neat little box that fits inside the mail. The fact that it’s so affordable is such a huge bonus too. We tried the first box for free, and when it came in the mail, we opened it up right away.

The box’s theme was pirates, which was brilliant because Sinta loves all things pirate and even owns a pirate costume. Inside it had a booklet with instructions for two projects and some fun activities. It included all the materials we needed to make a Parrot Partner and a Treasure Map – a piece of cardboard paper, a tea bag (to stain the paper for the map), a paintbrush, some stickers, a couple of googly eyes, a box of crayons, a cardboard cutout of a parrot, coloured feathers, glue and a popsicle stick.

The instructions were very easy to follow with steps clearly labelled if they either need some waiting time or the help of an adult. We had to wait for the tea to dry overnight on the map but we were able to finish all the other steps and the activities in the booklet in about an hour. Sinta was able to read and do all the steps herself with minimal help – a bonus because most other projects on the web require so much help from an adult that I usually end up doing it myself. Ditto for crafty school projects (and Lego sets TBH). Can anybody else relate??

Our rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall we’re very pleased with our first Toucan Box. Even Pietro joined in on the fun. Sinta loved the projects, and we got to spend some great quality time together. We can't wait for the next one to arrive!


Toucan Box

Petite box
One themed activity every fortnight
£4.95 + £1.00 shipping (the first box is free)


Do you have any tips for fun projects to do with your kids?

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