Hello, weekend!

What are you doing this weekend? We’re attending a dear friend’s baby shower and going to service early the next day (wish me luck on waking the kids). We’ll also be spending this weekend getting used to the heat. Summer is officially upon us! Meanwhile, here are some fun things from around the web…

This Pinoy food truck was featured on the Food Network! Time to experiment on these recipes!

Cluttered home workstation problem solved.

4 hour workweek tips. A girl can dream right?

Calling all my single ladies! Locally developed Tinder-like app.

For the tamad exercisers. Good news!

What Forbes thinks of the Philippine economy. Bonus: informative and easy to understand!

Upcoming books I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Not trying to be morbid or anything, but this is how I want to be buried.

Totally sobbed through this wedding video of complete strangers!

Happy weekend, folks!!

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