Got (Breast)Milk?

I used to obsess over my breastmilk stash when I was breastfeeding Cruz and Sinta. Each plastic container was labelled and sealed and carefully placed inside freezer which was dedicated for my milk. I would then go off to work with my pump in tow and pray that there would be no power outage in our condo or that our yaya wouldn’t leave the freezer door ajar for some reason (I’ve heard of horror stories — 30 bags of frozen milk wasted because of a storm related power outage!).

I treated breastmilk like liquid gold and would do anything to keep up my supply – drink tons of water, soup with malunggay and malunggay capsules. Eventually, I was producing more than what my kids could drink, especially when they started eating solids. Bags of breastmilk were going to waste and I couldn’t stop thinking about how my milk could help other babies in sore need of it.

That’s why I was so glad to hear about Milk Matters, a project by the UP College of Medicine’s Phi Lambda Delta Sorority. These amazing ladies hold regular milk drives and sustain an ongoing call for breast milk to meet the needs of the PGH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Did you know that just 5oz of donated breastmilk provides 12 feedings for a preterm baby? Get in contact with Phi Lambda Delta Sorority today and donate your extra breastmilk today. (Facebook, SMS Val 09335627323 or Cel 09228950285)

Watch the video below too to know more about the cause.

Milk Matters: Call for Donations

Breastmilk, more than anything else, is a gift of life.Just 5oz of donated breast milk provides 12 feedings for a preterm baby.Support Milk Matters. Donate to the PGH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit today because #MilkMatters.For donations or inquiries, you may contact Koreen (0916-605-8945) or Janel (0917-536-8525).#sapPHIreservice#cominghometoPHI

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