Fashion designer Patrice Ramos-Diaz shares her wellness journey with Detox Manila

Detox Manila was founded by my mom, who has been a passionate alternative medicine student and practitioner for 20 years. When my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, they traveled to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico to research the benefits of alternative, non-toxic treatments for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. She has since proven the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices and coffee enemas through the countless people she has consulted and helped with their health.


Patrice, one of the Philippines’ best fashion designers, is one of Detox Manila’s clients and she was gracious enough to share her wellness journey with us.

What prompted you to make healthier and alternative choices?

A couple of years ago, I decided to change my life, for the better. First off, I had to close my business of made-to-order special occasion clothing so I could relieve myself of chronic stress. I had started practicing Bikram yoga, which made me more self-aware. I read through articles upon articles on cleansing and wellness. I realised I had to take better care of myself. My mother died of cancer when she was 43, so I have always been paranoid about my health.

What changes did you make?

I started limiting my intake of processed food, started shifting to organic produce, and avoided chemical laden products. I also became conscious of my breathing and started to practice 10 minute meditations to start and end my day. Then I started cleansing through coffee enema. Aside from exercise, I also made it a point to get my dose of vitamin D with a few minutes of sun exposure, after which I would go to a steam room to cleanse all the toxins trapped in my fat cells. I also started taking probiotics and other supplements like Vitamin B complex, flax seed oil. I got into juicing too. Soon after, I discovered skin brushing to cleanse my lymphatic system. All this didn’t happen overnight.

How did these changes improve the other aspects of your life (or otherwise)?

I feel good and clean inside. I have more energy, I don’t feel sluggish.

How did you learn about coffee enema, skin brushing and juicing?

I learned about enema through a friend. I came across some articles online. I got into juicing too because I felt it was the best way to absorb nutrients after an enema.

How have they helped you?

I feel much healthier. I don”t look pale anymore.

What advise can you give people who want to start living healthier?

My advice is to take the first step into wellness, no matter what it is. Start with one thing that is easy and doable for you. it just snowballs into 10 other things. For example, when you start doing enema, you become more conscious of avoiding toxins – that means you also stop eating unhealthy food products.

Thank you so much Patrice!

What’s your wellness story? Have you been trying to live healthier? Would love to hear all about it!

(Photo by franco-laurel.blogspot.com)


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