Dressing the Bump: Reveal or Conceal?

Figuring our what to wear while being pregnant is obviously a challenge. Now that I’m showing, I’ve said (a temporary) bye to my zip up skirts, button down shirts, and garterized pants a.k.a 25% of my wardrobe. I also don’t buy maternity clothes. Buying something I’ll wear for 4 months seems extravagant to me. I usually buy a couple of pieces that are pregnancy-friendly but can be worn post-partum.

There are usually 2 ways to go about dressing the bump: go The Kim K way and wear body con dresses and tight tanks to flaunt your growing belly or wear loose everything. It all really depends on what makes you feel comfortable. Some women like tighter clothes because loose baggy clothing makes them feel hot and heavier. Tight clothing issues include feeling (and being) overweight and bloated and darkening skin (i.e. the dreaded BU – black underarms).

I personally go for a balance of both. Tight dresses with a cardi or jacket, dresses that are loose around the waist but fitted in other areas or with shorter lengths, boyfriend jeans (used with a Belly Band – more about this soon!) with a tank top are my usual fare.

Zara dress and jacket, Nike Flyknits
I wanted to share one of my favorite outfits here. If I could, I would wear this everyday until I’m brought to the hospital.
The dress shows off some semblance of a figure without being too revealing. It’s pretty basic and will surely be able to wear it for years.

The denim jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe for years and is the perfect cover up for cooler days/places. I also love how this outfit can be work with sneakers, leather sandals or heels.

Cuyana bag
What are some of your favorite maternity pieces? Please share!



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