Do You Juice?

When my mom would give me green juices 5 years ago, I would literally pinch my nose and gulp them down as fast as I could. Fast forward to today, and I can’t open my Instagram without seeing a photo of some celebrity/supermodel/fitspo/friend’s bottle of green juice on my feed.

About a year and a half ago I watched this documentary that made me take juicing seriously. I’ve since inherited (begged for) my mom’s old Matstone Slow Juicer. I do three to seven day juice fasts every three months or so to detox. My kids and the hubby also drink at least a glass of green juice each a day.

Going on juice fasts and drinking raw juices regularly have lots of benefits (and I’m sure you’ve heard of them) but my favorite ones are:

1. I started eating better.

I used to be a fast food junkie. I lived for Quarter Pounder Meals (“miss, go big time, ha”). Emman and I once made a pact to finish a bucket of KFC between the 2 of us every month. I know. It was that bad.

But then after every juice fast/detox I complete, I seem to lose taste for one bad thing at a time. I can hardly stand deep fried food now. Just the smell makes me queasy. I get overwhelmed with overly sweet desserts and can only eat a few bites before getting a headache. I’m still waiting for my body to reject chocolate all together but I doubt it’s ever gonna happen for me. Hee.

2. I lost weight.

I’ve lost around 15lbs of post-baby weight since I started juicing. Of course, who wouldn’t lose weight if you drank only vegetable and fruit juices for 7 days right? No duh there. But I guess the more important thing is, it’s easy to keep the weight off (see #1). Also, drinking a glass of juice before a meal makes me less hungry so I don’t blackout and eat everything in sight anymore.

3. I sleep better.

Being a mom, I’m always sleep deprived. But I find that when I don’t have my juice for more than 2 days I’m a lot more tired during the day. I’m also a lot moodier and crankier.

4. I think clearer.

On the 4th or 5th day of each juice fast and for days after I break it (and as long as I’m still eating healthy – mostly raw greens and non-fried protein), my thoughts are more organized and I forget things less (my mommy brain takes a vacay!). Nourished body, nourished mind I guess.

Disclaimer: I don’t believe that juicing alone will give you perfect health. I still have a long way to go in changing my diet (like cutting out sugar totally), and exercising regularly. But I think juicing is one of the best ways to kickstart that lifestyle change towards a healthier body.

Here I’m sharing one of my favorite juice recipes from Jason Vale’s juicing book.


2 Golden Delicious apples
¼ medium pineapple (with or without the skin, depending on your juicer)
Handful spinach or kale
½ lime (peeled)
½ stick celery
1/4 beetroot
3cm chunk cucumber
1 cm chunk ginger
¼ medium avocado
Small handful ice cubes
Juice all of the ingredients, except the avocado and ice.
Pour the juice into a blender along with the avocado flesh and ice.
Blend until smooth, then serve.

I don’t follow his recipes strictly every time. I leave out and add in ingredients depending on which vegetables and fruits are in season. I use lots of apples and pineapples to mask the grassy taste for the kids.
Some of my daily juicing ingredients

With my Matstone Slow Juicer (on why you should use a slow juicer)

Tip: blend in an avocado, mango or banana after slow juicing everything to improve the taste.

Do you juice? What are your favorite juice recipes? I’d love to hear them!


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