Centro Holistico: my dose of wellness in Alabang

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the words “holistic”, “alternative”, and “natural” have been generating good buzz lately. Gone are the days (the 90’s) when they were synonymous to “granola munching”, “quack”, “hippie” and just all-around weird.

I, myself, witnessed the shift in perception first hand. My mom has been into complementary and alternative medicine for more than 20 years. Ten years ago, I very rarely found anyone I knew who had any idea about enemas, slow juicing, raw food diet and the like (things that we practiced at home). Today, I can’t find anyone who doesn’t want to live the healthy-as-Gwyneth-does lifestyle.

Case in point – the Centro Holistico Clinic in Commercenter Alabang was founded by four medical doctors who combine their knowledge in conventional medicine and their belief in alternative methods to prevent diseases. Dr. Ryan and Dra. Candy Dalman, husband and wife and co-owners of Centro Holistico were kind enough to welcome me into their lovely clinic to try a couple of their services.

Centro Holistico’s spa-like interiors
Stepping into their clinic, it instantly felt like I was in a spa. The interiors were thoughtfully (and personally) done by Dra. Candy. The ambience would make any patient feel relaxed and at ease. The nurses/therapists were also very friendly and accommodating, even with my 3 year old who tagged along.
with Dra. Candy and her very friendly and competent team of nurses, Me-ann and Ana.

First up was the coffee colon cleanse which was administered in a private room with a bed, toilet and wash area, all likewise tastefully arranged.

Colon cleansing is widely known as a very detoxifying treatment that activates your liver to produce bile and Glutathione, the powerful detoxifying agents naturally produced by the body. (My family and I practice a somewhat similar detox treatment called coffee enema at home which I will blog about very soon!)

Up next was the live blood analysis which was performed in Dra. candy’s consultation room. A drop of blood was collected from my fingertip and placed on a glass slide and under a microscope. The microscope is hooked up to a desktop computer where both Dra. and I viewed my live (!) blood on the screen. I know, it was super cool! (Geek mode on!)

Dra. Candy analyses my live blood cells via microscope hooked up to her computer.
The first thing Dra. Candy said when my blood came into view was “Ang ganda ng blood mo!” I didn’t know how to react. Was I supposed to say thank you? Yes, my blood is beautiful, thankyouverymuch! (?)
my live blood under a microscope

But then she proceeded to explain that most people have acidic blood and the cells look like they’re stacked up like coins or don’t look like circles at all but have a sort of deformed shape like this:

“ugly” blood 

Blood acidity is commonly attributed to excessive intake of protein, caffeine, dairy, wheat, refined sugars and alcohol and having compounded blood cells affect your body’s circulation and functions. The way to stabilize this is to increase your intake of alkaline foods which are fruits and vegetables. Note: Although it might seem that citrus fruits would have an acidifying effect on the body, the citric acid they contain actually has an alkalinizing effect in the system.

Different blood formations reveal your diet preference, stress levels or even certain diseases! She attributes my “pretty” blood to my daily coffee enema and fresh vegetable and fruit juice practices. I’ve also been staying away from processed food and sweets. Phew!

However, my blood still has lots of room for improvement:


  • My cells are paler than normal which indicates that I need more iron in my diet (I’ve always been slightly anemic and always have to take tons of iron pills during pregnancy – blech)
  • There are some crystals which show a bit of excess acidity in my system (my extended “cheat days” have come to rear their ugly heads!)
  • Black crystals are formed by tobacco in your system. My small ones are remnants from when I used to smoke 5 years ago! Ack!!

She recommended that I increase my juice intake and drink more water (guilty!) to improve my blood (and health) further.

What an enlightening and rejuvenating experience! I’m so glad that there are places like Centro Holistico where clients can have access to the knowledge and means to prevent illnesses in a natural way. I can’t wait to go back and try their other services! In the meantime, I’m gulping down juices and eating healthy until my blood reaches Miss Universe prettiness!
my model for the day enjoying CH’s relaxing interiors
during my live blood analysis


with Dr. Ryan and Dra. Candy Dalman and their next patient, Erika Padilla (who’s an old college buddy!)


2/F Commercenter Alabang
Commerce Avenue corner Filinvest Avenue and
East Asia Drive, Filinvest Corporate City,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Landline: (02) 828-8863
Mobile: (0917) 581-2990
Email: centroholistico.ph@gmail.com

Are you into wellness and alternative medicine too? Will you check out this place? Please share below!

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